Animator/Illustrator/Storyboard Artist

4112 216th PL SE

Bothell, WA 98021

Cell: 206-992-8166





Professional Work Experience


Self Employed - Visual Creative Consultant (2016-Current)

  - Storyboarding, Illustration, Concept Art, 3d Modeling creative services created with Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender 3d and Manga Studio.


ANNEX THEATER – Poster Illustrator (May 2015)

  -Painted Illustration for Annex Theater


DreamBox Learning - Contract Artist (August 2014-September 2014)

  -Create character/UI animations for DreamBox Learning apps.

  -Illustrate/create characters and wallpapers.


PopCap Games - 2d Animator/Artist (March 2013-September 2013)

  -Created ambient fx animations using Flash/Photoshop/After Effects for use in a PEGGLE 2, a Launch Title for Xbox One.


Coinstar Inc - UI/UX Designer (April 2012-August 2012)

  -Work with Developers and Branding to create UI/UX graphics in Flash/Photoshop/Illustrator.  Graphics are then used in XML for final use in Rubi Costco Coffee Kiosk.


Smashing Ideas Inc. - Contract Illustrator/Animator (January 2012-February 2012)

  -Create art assets in Flash/Illustrator/Photoshop CS5 for Polly Pocket-Polly World Decorator.


Peter Hon Illustration/Animation  - Freelance Illustrator(February 2011)

  -Illustrations services for the common guy on the street.


Studio Voltz -- Freelance Illustrator


  -Short Deadlines, fast work environment


Playdom – Contract Flash Animator/Artist (April-May 2010)

  -Creating Character Animation in Flash CS4/CS5 for use in Facebook game prototype.

  -Creating Concept Art in Photoshop CS4

  -Responsible for creating art assets in Flash/Illustrator


Microsoft Corporation – Contract Icon Production Artist (February 2008-February 2009)

  -Responsible for creation of Icons from design specs to be used in Windows 7.

  -Resizing /updating of existing icons for use at higher resolutions.

  -Creating 24-bit/16-bit/8-bit versions of icons for different resolutions/hardware specs.

  -Assist Icon Designers on designing new icons.


McGraw-Hill Education (May 2005-November 2006) - Flash Artist

  -Responsible for animating, and setting up assets for animation in Flash 8 for SRA REAL MATH,

   an online subscription educational program for K-6th grade students.

  -Did character designs for characters used in SRA REAL MATH as well as storyboarding and a character voice (H.A.M. the robot).

  -Animated online segments of Open Court Reading for K-6th grade as well as tutorials for

  Open Court Math which was aimed at the 5-10th grade segment using Flash 8.


Smashing Ideas Inc. (May 2003-June 2005) - Freelance Animator

  -Freelance Animator for Smashing Ideas Inc.

  -Use Flash MX to setup scene layouts, create assets and assist in animating characters.

  -Worked on Flash animations for Mattel’s My Scene CD-rom episodes;

   Flash animation for Disney Channel’s Lilo & Stitch “Kauai Caper” online game and website animation for The Suite Life of Zack & Cody site.



Software Packages


 Proficient in:


  -Adobe Photoshop

  -Adobe Premiere

  -Adobe Illustrator

  -After Effects

  -Adobe Flash









Animation Personal Trainer (March 2007-April 2007)

  -3D Animation training with Keith Lango, former animator at Big Idea and Reel FX.

  -8 week course used to improve one’s skills in animating in Maya.


Art Institute of Seattle (2000-2002)

  -Associate of Applied Arts Degree; Animation Art & Design